Best Liver Transplant Hospital in India

Best Liver Transplant Hospital in India

Best Liver Transplant Hospital in India

Artemis Hospital is one of the Best Liver Transplant hospital in India

Artemis Hospital was established in 2007 . The hospital has launched North India’s the first and foremost M6 Cyberknife Radiosurgery technology in order to be able to provide the very precise, quick radiation to those patients who have been going about seeking treatment for incurable cancerous and non-cancerous tumors. On 14th August every year the hospital which is considered to be few of the most credible ones in India celebrates its excellence an anniversary. The hospital is spread around over more than 9 acres of mass of land. It has a state of art treatment and along with this it also has some of the most advanced medical & surgical treatment in entire India. Artemis hospital has the most comprehensive mix of both of inpatient and outpatient services. The hospital has gone on setting higher and higher standards in healthcare for hospitals across India. It boasts of 350 beds, with affordability that makes it among the most preferred hospitals all over India. Services of ease like round the clock treatment,clinician notification system and remote monitoring enable the hospital teams not only to be able to monitor patients at key parameters but these services also help to make it easier for the teams for gaining insights about the patient’s health.

In Gurgaon Artemis Hospital is the very hospital that has been recognized by the Joint Commission International and the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers. When at the central station it allows clinicians to continuously review patient data that is being relayed frommonitoring devicesbedside. There is alsoalarm notification in order to relay notifications to clinicians no matter where they are in the hospital. And if there is any case of notifications remaining unacknowledged, they quickly escalate to additional clinicians according to the customizable protocol. Artemis hospital is equipped with bedside monitoring devices likethe a Bluetooth, WiFi-enabled wearable and Radius-7® Pulse CO-Oximeter,.

Artemis Hospital was awarded certification from for developing Gurgaon’s first-ever ‘Green OT’. Bureau Veritas isa global certification agency. It was awarded to Artemis Hospital for compliance for providing the highest quality of parameters to the patients inside the operation theatres. Because the hospital has successfully created uniformity for the safety standards inside the operation theatres andhas also minimized the risk of infections during surgical interventions.In 2001 Asia Pacific Hand hygiene excellence Award by World Health Organisation was given to Artemis Hospital as well. Artemis Hospital has a number of specialties available at it a few of which are  Anesthesia, Pain Medicine, Blood Bank, Transfusion medicine, Cardio Thoracic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Cardiology, Cosmetic surgery, Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, Dermatology, Cosmetology and Urology. Following International standards in medical practices and procedures Artemis Hospital has set a benchmark for healthcare in India. Apart from all this, it was in 2007 that the hospital was awarded the Most Promising Start-Up of the Year award by Express Healthcare magazine, thereafter it was in Year 2008 that the Best IT Implementation was given to the hospital by the PC Quest magazine for Hospital Information System, it was followed by The CNBC Awaaz travel awards in 2010, the Artemis Hospital was awarded the Best institute for Medical Value Year.

Dr Giriraj Bora who has been involved in over 1500 liver transplants says that with every passing year cases of liver failure in India are increasing this is because, India has a large gap between the number of people who are in need liver transplant which is around 60,000 and the people are actually available to donate their livers. It is a reality that Indian surgeons are only able to perform around 1,800 liver transplants annually, because of the lack of organ donors.Dr. Giriraj Bora the 1st surgeon in India to perform both Living Donor & Deceased Donor Liver Transplants completed his MBBS from the University of Rajasthan, after which he went on to do MS from the same university. Following that at B Pant Hospital, in Delhi Dr. Giriraj did Mch. At Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, in Jaipur, he was the director of the Liver Transplant & GI Surgery department. At Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, in New Delhi he was the Senior Consultant in Liver Transplant & HPB Surgery. Awards and honors like Young Investigator Award of the International Liver Transplant Society in 2013 at Sydney and Travel Award of the International Liver Transplant Society in 2012 at San Francisco, USA have also been given to him.

Dr. Bora states that from years from 2013 to 2018 have had dramatic growth in Liver transplant in India. In India has well-established liver transplant programs that are running. At two of the more than 30 transplants are performed every year. The total number of liver transplants, performed in India every year has exceeded 350. About 10% of the total liver transplants.

These days, The Senior Consultant in Liver Transplant & HPB Surgery, at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, in New Delhi is Dr Ramdip Ray, who is one of the best liver transplant surgeons that India has right now. Focused, Determined and patient, Dr. Ramdip Ray these are the words that Dr. Ramdip Ray’s team members and his peers choose to describe him. According to him since the beginning of his career, his focus had been on catering the best service possible to his patients. And that is what he yearns to keep on doing still after all these years. After he graduated from Medical College, in Kolkata, Ray got trained at Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research and Royal College of Surgeons of England Wrexham Maelor Hospital, in Wales, in the UK, this was in the year of 2005. Following his training till the year 2010, Dr. Ray acted as an assistant professor at Medical College, Kolkata. And it was in the same year that he happened to joined Dr. Subash Gupta’s team, initially as a Fellow though but ultimately he did go on to become Consultant in Liver Transplant at the same place. Talking about Artemis Hospital Dr. Ramdip Ray describes the hospital by saying that “It is not only the techniques or the fancy equipment. It’s also how they do things there, their culture that makes the hospital really great.” The overall greatness of the Artemis hospital is determined by the efficiency of its various departments. The staff there contributes towards making the hospital great when they work together. The role played by the various staff members including the support staff is very crucial in a hospital setup. And Artemis Hospital is a classic example of how efficient staff can make a hospital great.

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