Is it Avoidable?

Is it Avoidable?

  • Simply having Liver Cirrhosis does not mean you need a Liver Transplant .
  • A diagnosis of Acute Liver Failure does not warrant an Emergency Liver Transplant.

Liver transplant In India

We at the Artemis Liver Transplant Institute believe that a liver transplant is not a one stop answer to all patients with liver diseases.

Most patients with cirrhosis in fact do very well without a liver transplant. Only a small number of those with Liver Cirrhosis need a  liver transplant .… many will do well without a transplant for many years.

Liver transplant is only one part of the spectrum  of  treatment options available to patients with different types of cirrhosis. A patient with autoimmune hepatitis cannot be treated in the same way as a patient with cirrhosis due to Hepatitis C infection.

A diagnosis of Wilson’s disease does not mean the patient has to be rushed in for a transplant. Our hepatology wing ensures that only patients fulfilling the most stringent clinical criteria are considered  for transplant. Similarly for patients admitted with Acute Liver Failure (Sudden jaundice with rapid deterioration in level of consciousness with progression to pre-coma / coma) ,

a large number can be treated  without transplant. Only those patients who do not show a positive improvement with aggressive medical management are taken up for Urgent Liver Transplant. With close monitoring in the ICU it is possible to carefully select which patients of ALF are best treated with a transplant, and and identify those who will likely improve without.

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