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Life After Donation

Life After Donation

Life After Donation

Barring any post-operative complications, the living liver donor can expect to :

  • Be discharged from hospital in within 7 – 8 days after surgery
  • Perform all activities of daily living independently after discharge from hospital
  • Be off all medicines 3 – 10 days after discharge
  • Travel back to home country a week after discharge
  • Return to a work within 1 month of the operation
  • Perform light exercises, get back to driving a car or riding a bike and to usual sexual activities from 2 – 3 months after the operation
  • Perform strenuous exercise or rigorous sports or contact sports from 6 months after the operation.
  • Perform completely normal life within 2-3 months of surgery and to remain healthy for the rest of his or her natural life. Since the procedure of living donor Liver transplantation is fairly new, statistics on the long-term follow-up of donors who have undergone this surgery are not yet available.

Some centres recommend an annual physical examination for all living liver donors by any doctor in the home country itself : no routine tests are recommended.

Post donation , a donor should be able to lead a normal life. The scar will remain , although will become less prominent usually with time, and there may be an occasional mild discomfort at the scar site which may rarely require oral painkillers.

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