Liver Transplant in India | Dr Giriraj Bora & Dr Ramdip Ray

Liver Transplant in India | Dr Giriraj Bora & Dr Ramdip Ray

Liver Transplant in India

Globally Recognized Advantages of Liver Transplant in India

India is one of the most attractive destinations for medical tourism, near about 200 thousand foreign patients are coming to India every year to seek medical treatment as per the last data released in 2014. This number is steadily increasing by each passing year, and most of the foreign patients are coming to India to seek treatment for chronic diseases. Like, people who are suffering from liver diseases are coming for liver transplant in India.

Best Liver Transplant in India

Liver disease is a critical illness, and according to 2012 data around two million people suffer from liver-related diseases at any one time. And this number is increasing by each passing day which is enough to ring alarms in the ears of the global healthcare authorities.

The surgery of liver transplant patient (LTP) is highly critical, the success rate of LTP in India after one year of the surgery is almost 90% and after 15 to 20 years post surgery it is 55% to 60%.

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A patient goes through a liver transplant surgery only when other medication process fails to protect his liver from the disease.

When the liver is likely to be damaged then the doctors have no other option left but to advise the patient to go for liver transplant surgery. It is a costly surgery for many patients so they find it better to go for liver transplant in India. The healthcare services in India are at par with the global standards and also cost friendly.

Liver Transplant in India

Individuals can undergo liver transplant surgery only when they are suffering from liver failure due to major diseases such as Cirrhosis, Hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E, Alcohol abuse, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, Epstein Barr virus (Infectious Mononucleosis), and Iron overload (Hemochromatosis). All these diseases are life threatening and if not treated properly then the patient can die. The process of liver transplant in India is praised by different medical experts.

Liver transplant surgery is a serious surgical process because there is a risk to life about 5% to 10% involved in it for the patient who is undergoing from the surgery. So,

the doctors take preventive measures before starting the process. Liver transplant in India is absolutely safe and meets all the safety measures of global standards. In comparison to many other countries, India is providing much better healthcare facilities to the foreign and domestic patients.

 Here are some important FAQs:

  • What is the survival rate for liver transplant patients?

According to a survey, people who go through liver transplant surgery have 89% possibility of living after one year from the surgery. And after five years there is a 75% chance of living post surgery. But sometimes the newly transplanted liver can also stop functioning totally, or the disease may occur again. Liver transplant in India is as successful as the liver transplant surgeries take place in western countries.

  • Can you donate a portion of your liver?

Individual persons can donate a part of their liver which needs to be implanted in the body of the recipient. After the donation, the liver cells regenerate till the liver comes back to its original size in the body of both the recipient and donor. Foreign patients can find a significant number of donors for liver transplant in India. It is one of the global hubs of body organ donations and it is a healthy sign for a welfare society.

  • How long can you expect to live after a liver transplant?

After the transplantation of the liver it will function for five years or more, and if the organ is donated by a living donor then the liver can function even longer. The recipient has the life expectancy of global standards after the liver transplant in India. It encourages foreign patients to visit India for medical tourism because they get quality treatment facilities at reasonable rates in comparison to developed countries.

  • Is a liver transplant painful?

There will be a pain after the surgery, though it is normally not as painful as the surgeries related to other abdominal organs. The team of doctors prescribes the proper pain relief medicines for different patients. You will also get life-saving medicines after liver transplant in India at a much lower cost compared to other countries. The surgeons in Indian hospitals are extremely efficient in operating body organs.

  • How often are liver transplants successful?

The possibilities of a successful liver transplant and the longevity of your life depend on your then health situation.

Normally, 70% of people live for almost five years after the liver transplant surgery. The success rate of liver transplant in India is at par with the international standards. And people across the world are coming to India to get better and cost friendly treatment for their major health illnesses.

Liver Transplant in India | Dr Ramdip ray

  • Does your liver grow back after donation?

It is simply courageous for a living person to donate any of the body organs to another person. Approximately, after three months from the surgery, the livers of both the recipient and donor grow back to its original size. However, the recipient needs to stay under the observation of the doctors for 8 to 10 days in the hospital to avoid further health issue. The surgery of liver transplant in India generally takes four to eight hours.

Liver Transplant in India

Medical tourism is one of the booming industries in India. People from different countries across the world are visiting India to get treatment for their critical illnesses. India is providing better medical, surgical and other healthcare services at much lower rates which is unimaginable in western countries. This is the major benefit of liver transplant in India and also beneficial for other vital body organ surgeries.

Liver Transplant in India | Dr Giriraj Bora

Leading hospitals in India have world-class infrastructure, modern clinical equipment, highly advanced technological support, and globally appreciated healthcare facilities. All these achievements made India one of the most preferred destinations for medical tourism.

If you are suffering from any major liver disease and there is a need for immediate surgery then you should consider the option of liver transplant in India.

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