The Success Rate of Liver Transplant in India

The Success Rate of Liver Transplant in India

The success rate of liver transplant

On the internet, the success rate of the liver transplant is around 95% to 98%. The truth is the success rate of a liver transplant is different from patient to patient. The majority of success is depending upon the stages of the liver disease:

  1. Workout/ pre-transplant evaluation
  2. Risk factor considered while liver transplant.
  3. The care of the patient after the liver transplant
  4. Dedication of the surgeons.

There is the difference between the immediate success rate and long-term success rate. The long-term success rate is very high. If the patient was alcoholic then they need more care during the procedure.

If the center is well equipped and advanced then the success rate is more than 95%. Liver transplant procedure is one of the complex procedure that requires equipment and more than care of 20 doctors and takes more than 12 to 14 hours to perform.

There are main two aspects of the liver transplant surgery.

  1. There is no explanation of end point of chronical disease.
  2. If the patients go into the coma then it is too late for the liver transplant.

The difference between the liver transplant in India and other countries

  • The success rate in India is higher than the success rate in the USA.
  • The procedure is the same but there is the huge difference between the cost
  • India, UK, and the USA, all the nations provide same facilities for the procedure of the liver transplant.

Liver transplant cost in India

Country Cost of Liver Transplant (INR)Cost of liver transplant ($)
India12 lakh to 20 lakhs19k to 31k
USA1.5 crore to 3 crore232k to 462k
Singapore25 lakh to 32 lakh38.7k to 49.6k
Germany90 lakh to 1.5 crore139k to 232k

The cost of the liver transplant surgery and related to everything is around 50000$ to 70000$. It includes everything before the surgery and after the surgery stay in the hospitals.

The charges are different from hospital to hospital and it consists the pre-operative care and post-operative care in the hospital.

Why the Indian surgeons perform well in the liver transplant?

India has one of the best liver transplant surgeons in the world and there are many stories that how they save patients life. Recently,

one Indian surgeon went Pakistan to perform the 4 surgeries.  India has the best experienced medical specialist. The doctors on India perform complex surgeries.

With the great skill and experience of handling the difficult cases, our Indian surgeons today have an easy advantage that sorts all the disease and even the liver failure too.

India attracts numbers of foreign patients for the liver transplant because we have the best expertise and effective cost of treatment.

What are the Symptoms Of liver transplant patient?

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