Liver Transplant In India | Dr Giriraj Bora |


Liver Transplant In India | Dr Giriraj Bora |

Liver Transplant In India

Liver transplantation is considered to be a complicated surgery, which requires alifelong follow-up care. But, liver transplant recipients are generally able to return to normal activities after recovering for several months. To know more about Liver Transplant in India read more.

Dr. Giriraj Bora who is a liver transplant specialist in Gurgaon says that it is an extensive process and the eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis, but there are certain rules and guidelines.

Liver Transplantation in India  from a Living Donor

Dr. Bora says that in most liver transplants deceased donors are used. But, a person may have to wait months or years before an organ is available. Now, since the liver has the remarkable ability to regenerate, the other option that is left is to transplant a small part of a liver from a living donor.

A living donor doesn’t necessarily have to be a blood relative, but the most important criteria is that they both must have a compatible blood type.

The liver transplant specialist in Gurgaon points that at least about 40 to 60 percent of the donor’s liver is removed. And within a span of eight weeks, the part of the livers of both the donor and the one who got it are usually completely regenerated.

Successful Liver Transplant In India

A transplants from a living person is done only when the risk to the donor is small and the benefit to the recipient is unquestionable. According to Medical Journals published in India there are about 250 to 400 liver donor transplants a year. And one in 300 donors die and about 30 percent are said to suffer complication.

The advantages of transplants from a living donor are:

  • Better survival of the graft
  • Lower rejection rates
  • less time on liver transplant waiting list

Liver Transplant In India  Case of organ being rejected

After the transplant is done, the person who received the liver must get an immunotherapy done. So, that the body does not rejecting the new liver.

Since, the transplanted liver is alien to the body, there are chances that the immune system might go on the offense. Transplant recipients are generally given drugs in order to suppress the immune system, and prevent rejection.

Rejection of the new liver inside the body generally occurs a week or two after the transplantation; but there are also chances that the, rejection might occur at any time.

Elevated liver enzymes are thebeginning signs of organ rejection after liver transplant.

Symptoms of Liver Rejection are;

  • fatigue
  • loss of appetite
  • nausea
  • abdominal tenderness
  • pain
  • fever
  • jaundice,
  • dark-colored urine
  • light-colored stools

Liver Transplant In India By Dr Ramdip Ray

. Dr. Ramdip Ray, Senior Consultant in Liver Transplant & HPB Surgery, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital , New Delhi.

Dr. Ray has been trained at Royal College of Surgeons of England Wrexham Maelor Hospital , Wales, UK, University College of Medical Sciences ( UCMS ) explains that as a liver transplant specialist in Gurgaon that different types of liver disease have to be treated in different ways. In order to manage liver disease and regenerating new, healthy liver cells,

Best Liver Transplant In India By-Dr Giriraj Bora & Dr Giriraj Bora

a healthy diet which will support healthy liver. But, if the liver is damaged beyond the point where regeneration is not an option or there is no other solution, the best treatment for some types of end stage liver disease is transplantation.

Best Liver Transplant In India

Dr. Ramdip Ray says that although the liver has a remarkable ability to repair itself in response to injury. The end stage of scarring is termed cirrhosis and corresponds to the point where the liver can no longer repair itself.

Liver Transplant In India  | DR Giriraj Bora 

Once a person has cirrhosis, he or she may begin to show signs of inadequate liver function. This is termed “decompensated liver disease.” Even though medications can help in decreasing, but still only aliver transplantation is the only permanent cure.

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Liver Transplant Cost in india | Procedures | Treatment Process

Liver Transplant Cost and Its Process

Liver Transplant cost-It is an operation in which the patient’s diseased liver with the healthy liver from the other person. In this article, we cover the cost of the liver transplant, procedures and its process in Details,

The cost of the surgery of the liver transplant, the procedure of the liver transplant and the recovery of Liver transplant in Detail it.

Why You  Needs the Liver transplant?

There are two reasons for the failures of the liver transplant first are the acute liver failure and chronic liver failure. In these situations,

the transplantation is the only option for the patient. There are many people who are waiting for the liver transplant which is higher than the people who want to donate.

Liver Transplant cost in India

Liver Transplant cost
Liver Transplant cost

Cost of liver transplant in India is one of the difficult procedures. The following points you should consider before choosing the team.

• What is the package of the hospital? It consists of the analysis of the donor and workout is consistent or not.

• 21 days + 3 days

Liver Transplant cost in India | Doctor packages For Liver Transplant

. Cost of liver transplant in india is 2 lakhs rupees

• What don’t they cover in the package? Hospitals may exclude the ICU stay, Blood cost and High and antibiotics.

• The liver transplant surgery cost in India depends on the how experienced and technically advance the team is.

What is the procedure of the liver transplant?

Liver Transplant Procedure undertakes in three parts.

1. Before the procedure,

2.Between the procedure

3.After the procedure.

1. Before the procedure

Doctors use the results of the liver test to know prognosis and when your liver plant will take place. It depends upon the MELD score.

The higher your score the faster need to get the liver transplant. So doctors take care of it.

It is not sure when you will get the donor. Some people wait days, some people wait for months and some never get it.

The treatment is decided by the doctors such living liver donors and Domino liver transplant. During the process, doctors make sure that you stay healthy.

2. During the procedure

Once the donor is available for you then you will ask to come to the hospital. The team will check that you’re healthy for the operation or not.

The whole procedure is done using the anesthesia so you will be so unaware of the situation.

To get the access to your liver the surgeon makes an incision across your stomach. It totally depends upon the surgeon that how long incision will be.

Liver transplant procedures in detail

After the incision, the surgeon disconnects the liver’s blood and removes the liver. The new liver will place in your body. It takes around 12 hours.

Once the surgery is over the surgeon uses stitches to close the incision. Your care will start immediately after the surgery.

The other transplant is living donor liver transplant in which the surgeon will transplant the portion of the donor’s liver. In this scenario,

the doctor first removes the portion of the liver of the donor and then removes the liver from your body. Then, the surgeon places the portion of the liver in your body.

The portion in the donor’s body will react in the normal volume in just some months

3. After the Liver transplant procedure

Here are the following things that you can expect after the procedure.

• You will stay in care for few days
• 7 to 10 days in the hospital
• Continues checkup.
• The medication for the rest of your life.

The Recovery Process will start which is as follow.

How Much time taken to recover from liver transplant?

After the operation, the patient stays under care for 2 to 3 days. After the period, the patients need to come for the checkup at regular intervals.

The three month period can be difficult because the patient doesn’t feel well during the period. After some period they start getting back to the normal period.

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