Best liver specialist in India


Best liver specialist in India

Best Liver specialist in India

Dr. Ramdip Ray is one of the Best Liver Specialist in India, a nationally recognized surgeon with an experience in Liver Transplant.

Best Liver Transplant in India
Best Liver Specialist in India

Dr. Ray one of the Best Liver Specialist in India known for providing all types of  care related to Liver transplant not just while the procedure is going on but after the procedure has been completed as well. His disciplinary methods to deal with liver diseases gives sufferers a hope while considering liver transplantation.

Dr. Ramdip Ray’s success rates, can always be seen along with best results. He has had extensive experience in performing complex liver transplant surgeries not just for benign but for malignant diseases. He is the first surgeon to ever use the robotic surgery for liver resections in India thats why he is considered as the Best Liver Specialist in India.

Dr. Ramdip Ray has performed more than 4500 liver transplants, which is, what the statistics say, the highest in India and the second highest in the entire world. In India his patients have always known for surviving for a long time. Not just that, his female clients have delivered healthy babies even after their liver transplant.

In India every month with 95% success he currently performs 22-25 live donor liver transplants, results of which are easily match with the international surgeons. And isn’t just India where Dr. Ramdip Ray has been giving away his services, very often it also happens so that he takes up cases from rest of the countries in South Asia, in the Middle East and in Africa because of his credibility as the Best Liver Specialist in India.

These days, he is the Joint Director and Senior Consultant for Liver Transplant & GI Surgery at Artemis Hospital,Gurgaon. After getting graduated from Medical College, Kolkata, he received his training at Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research and Royal College of Surgeons of England Wrexham Maelor Hospital , at Wales, in the UK in the year of 2005.Till the year 2010 Dr. Ray was an assistant professor at Medical College, Kolkata. In the same year he joined Dr. Subash Gupta’s team, although it was only as a Fellow but eventually he went on to become Consultant in Liver Transplant / HPB Surgery at the same place.

With so many liver transplant procedures to his name, Dr. Ramdip Ray is India’s Best Liver Transplant specialist in India. He says that he has other interests as well for example Liver Transplant for children of tender ages, managing Bile duct injuries. For quite some time now Dr. Ramdip Ray has been researching on donor outcome and donor safety in Liver Transplant.

With his numerous conference presentations and his contribution to a wide number of publications in Liver Transplantation for liver treatment procedures in India, he states that because the incidence of liver complaints has not been high and therefore because of this reason that awareness levels have been lower in India about liver transplant.

According to Dr. Ramdip Ray there are only five per cent of liver diseases that can be attributed to alcohol, whereas hepatitis B and C are the major risk factors that should be considered. He says that hepatitis B or C trigger liver cancer. When on one side the first one can be prevented by a vaccine, on the other hand there isn’t any vaccine available for hepatitis C. Going down further, liver cirrhosis isn’t even reversible, he says. He says that once the damage has been done there isn’t anything that can reverse it.

Going on to say further Dr. Ramdip Ray tells that liver transplant is offered these days to people who are likely to die in one year. 90% are the success rates for stabilizing chronic liver diseases, whereas in case of acute liver diseases it is 80%. If any case the recipient is able to survive 5-10 years post his liver transplant, he won’t die due to liver-related diseases later. In today’s times, Dr. Ray encounters patients who have went on to survive a liver transplant for 25-30 years, when compared to 10 -15 years survival rates in cases of heart transplant. Dr. Ramdip Ray gives away a very interesting fact that, the rejection of the organ is comparatively low as well. And the reason to that is that the liver is an organ that is immunologically privileged when it is compared to the heart or kidney.”

But, the big problem in India according to Dr. Ramdip Ray is to get a donor. The donors are very handful when seen in a country with a population of over one billion He says that he has seen it that in Western countries, the figure of organ donors is 15-16 out of a million population and the most s part is that most of them are multi-organ donors. In a certain country, this number is 32 per million. In order to improve organ donation there is an urgent need to have Trauma Centres that are of high quality and that have been well-equipped.

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