Our Specialists

Our Specialists

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The Liver Transplant Team at Artemis consists of Liver surgeons, Hepatologists, Liver transplant anaesthetists, Transplant Intensivists, Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologists, Transplant co coordinators, Liver ICU nurses and support staff. Each specialty has expertise in their respective fields and strive to provide best possible outcomes to our patients.

Liver Transplant Surgeons:

  • Dr. Giriraj Bora
  • Dr. Ramdip Ray
  • Dr. Shyam Mahensaria
  • Dr. Jevin George

Taking care of surgical aspects/medical aspects/ critical care and immunosuppression in post transplant period.

Hepatologists / Gastroenterologists :

  • Dr Pawan Rawal
  • Dr Divij Mehta
  • Dr Zubin Dev Sharma

Taking care of medical and immunological aspects in pre and post transplant period. Medical management of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and other causes for liver cirrhosis.

Liver Transplant Anaesthetists :

  • Dr Rajesh Mishra
  • Dr Amit Khatuja
  • Dr Arya

Liver transplant anesthesia is complex and our experienced team ensures  safety and good outcome after liver transplant and complex GI surgery procedures.

Transplant  Intensivists :

  • Dr Reshma Tiwari
  • Dr Rati Goyal
  • Dr Rajeev Chodhary

Critical care aspects of patients in peri-transplant period.

Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologists:

  • Dr Pankaj Saini
  • Dr Rajeev Sharma
  • Dr Syed Tauqeer

Liver transplant is incomplete without the support of Radiology and our team of Radiologists takes care of both diagnostic as well as interventional aspects of transplant. Besides, team is specialized in procedures like TACE/TARE for patients suffering from Liver tumors.

Liver transplant coordinators, Nurses and support staff :

Our support staff takes care of all aspects (medical and non medical) related to liver transplant (Visa, pick up on arrival, documentation etc) .

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