India yet again proves to be a life-saving destination – Liver Transplant Surgery

India yet again proves to be a life-saving destination – Liver Transplant Surgery
Dr. Giriraj Bora is a renowned doctor and a senior Liver and Organ Transplant consultant at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon. Being in this profession for so long, he has encountered numerous cases which were both critical and extensive.

One such case was that of Abdul Aziz. Abdul had suffered multiple health issues at a very young age.

Although he had a regular and risk-free delivery, yet after birth, he was diagnosed with jaundice.

This is a common incident in newborn children; therefore, the doctors did not pay much attention to the disease.

Later on, the young child started having episodes of vomiting and even went into a coma. His parents were terrified to see their child suffering to this extent.

After diagnosis, it was discovered that Abdul had ammonia buildup in his blood. The doctors proficiently worked on the disorder, and only when they thought the child had recovered did another mishap follow.

Due to the side effects of ammonia buildup, Abdul’s liver had given up, and doctors announced he had liver failure.

The treatment of the patient was not possible in his home country. Doctors suggested Abdul’s parents go to India for liver transplant surgery.

In India, Artemis Hospital arranged for a living liver donor who shared the same blood group as the patient.

On arrival, the patient was examined, and the operation was conducted. The patient and donor are both healthy in the present day.

Abdul, luckily, has shown no signs of illness or relapses since the surgery, as confirmed by his parents.

This is an example of another great story of how medical science has advanced to the level where saving lives against the most trivial cases has become possible.

Thanks to Artemis Hospital and many such hospitals that save lives on a daily basis for those we love.
The YouTube video link to the story is given underneath.

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