Hepatitis liver transplant in Gurgaon

Hepatitis liver transplant in Gurgaon

Hepatitis liver transplant in Gurgaon

Hepatitis liver transplant in GurgaonArtemis Hospital is famous for Hepatitis liver transplant in Gurgaon. Liver transplant is a surgery that is done to remove a diseased liver or replace it with a healthy liver or a part of it.

A disease in which the ducts that carry bile out of the liver are missing or damaged is considered to be the most common reason for a liver transplantation or cirrhosis a disease in which healthy liver cells are killed and replaced with scar tissue is another major reason due to which one has to get a liver transplant.

Hepatitis liver transplant in Gurgaon

Hepatitis liver transplant in Gurgaon – The doctors who are experts at liver transplant surgery in Gurgaon say there isn’t an effective treatment for end-stage liver disease else than having a transplant. The life of a person with kidney failure might be extended by dialysis but there are no machines that can be taking over the liver’s functions. Hepatitis liver transplant in Gurgaon.

Hepatitis liver transplant in Gurgaon

Hepatitis liver transplant in Gurgaon – Artemis Hospital is best for Hepatitis liver transplant in Gurgaon. Liver transplants may be from living donors and involve the whole liver, maybe a reduced liver or a segment of the liver. Most livers transplants involve the whole of the liver. A reduced liver transplant might be done if the donor’s liver is too large.

Whereas in the case of segmental transplants, a part of the liver is transferred from a living donor to the one in need. The liver segments in the donor and the recipient grow back to full size within about a month.

According to statistics, about 80 to 90% of people are able to survive liver transplantation. Survival rates have been improved over the past many years because of drugs like cyclosporine and tacrolimus that are able to suppress the immune system and are able to keep it from attacking and damaging the new liver.

Hepatitis liver transplant in Gurgaon

Symptoms of a liver disease | Hepatitis liver transplant in Gurgaon

People who are suffering from a liver disease might have the following symptoms

    • Jaundice – Yellowing of the skin or eyes
    • Itching
    • Dark, tea-colored urine
    • Gray- or clay-colored bowel movements
    • Ascites – An abnormal buildup of fluid in the abdomen
  • Vomiting of blood

Hepatitis liver transplant in Gurgaon

Hepatitis liver transplant in Gurgaon – Artemis Hospital is best for Hepatitis liver transplant in Gurgaon. Dr. Ramdip Ray, MBBS from Medical College in Kolkata, a Senior Consultant in Liver Transplant & HPB Surgery, Artermis Hospital, New Delhi and an expert at liver transplant in Gurgaon explain that main causes of cirrhosis that lead to liver failure and liver transplant are :

    • Hepatitis B and C.
    • Alcoholic liver disease.
    • Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.
    • Genetic diseases affecting the liver
  • Diseases such as primary biliary cirrhosis, primary sclerosing cholangitis and biliary atresia.

Conditions that might lead to liver transplant include:

    • Acute liver failure: Rapid deterioration of the liver, happens because of viruses or other infections, drug overdose or other toxins, cancer or autoimmune disease
    • Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency: This is a genetic disorder that leads to abnormal amounts of A1AT protein in liver cells
    • Cholangiocarcinoma: Bile duct cancer is rare cancer that is treated at only a few transplant centers, around the world.
    • Cirrhosis: A chronic degenerative disease of the liver results from alcoholism or hepatitis B or hepatitis C.
    • Hepatocellular carcinoma: This is a type of cancer that starts in the cells inside the liver.
    • Primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC): Slow and gradual deterioration of the bile ducts inside the liver
    • Primary sclerosing cholangitis: A disease that leads to scarring of the bile ducts
  • Wilson’s disease: This is an inherited disorder that causes too much copper to be accumulated inside the liver, the brain, and the other organs.

Hepatitis liver transplant in Gurgaon

Hepatitis liver transplant in Gurgaon
Hepatitis liver transplant in Gurgaon

Hepatitis liver transplant in Gurgaon – Dr. Giriraj Bora also is an expert and experienced at hepatitis liver transplant in Gurgaon, he tells that there are risks related to a liver transplant as well, for example, the new liver might not be working properly or a leak in any of the bile ducts, which is a liquid produced inside the liver that passes out through small tubes called bile ducts.

Artemis Hospital is best for Hepatitis liver transplant in Gurgaon.

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Center For Liver Disease and Transplantation In Gurgaon

Center for liver disease and transplantation in Gurgaon

center for liver disease and transplantation in Gurgaon – Artemis Hospital is center for liver disease and transplantation in Gurgaon. The liver is supposed to be the largest organ inside the human body. A liver helps the body in digesting food, in storing energy, and in removing poisons. A human cannot live without a liver that works. Doctors need to do a liver transplant when other treatment cannot keep the damaged liver working.

At the center for liver disease and transplantation in Gurgaon during a liver transplantation, the surgeon has to remove the diseased liver and replace it with a healthy one. Mostly transplant livers at center for liver disease and transplantation in gurgaon that are reported to come from a donor who has died. Sometimes there are chances of getting a living donor. This is when a person who is healthy donates part of his or her liver for a specific patient.

Diseases due to which one needs a liver transplant

The most common reason for a liver transplant is said to End Stage Liver Disease or what is also called as cirrhosis, caused by;

  • Long-term infection either because of hepatitis C or hepatitis B virus
  • Consumption of excessive alcohol, over the years
  • obesity
  • Damaged or blocked bile ducts inside the liver
  • Autoimmune liver diseases
  • Hereditary diseases like as Wilsons disease
  • Cancer in the liver

center for liver disease and transplantation in Gurgaon – It is estimated that the liver transplant rate at center for liver disease and transplantation in gurgaon is very high. This number is likely to increase, as survival is increasing and about 600 people receive a new liver each year. 14% die waiting, or are deemed to be too sick before a transplant becomes available. Transplants usually can more rarely be partial live donor transplant. Live donor transplants are fairly recent to the India and they usually involve transplanting half a liver, therefore are associated with a significant mortality risk to the donor of 0.8%.

Center for liver disease and transplantation in Gurgaon

center for liver disease and transplantation in Gurgaon

center for liver disease and transplantation in Gurgaon – In India Liver transplant is performed through clinical solutions, research, and extraordinary patient care along with infrastructure of world-class standards says Dr. Ramdip Ray, Senior Consultant in Liver Transplant & HPB Surgery, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital , New Delhi.

center for liver disease and transplantation in Gurgaon – Dr. Ray has been trained at Royal College of Surgeons of England Wrexham Maelor Hospital , Wales, UK, University College of Medical Sciences ( UCMS ), Delhi. He has been involved in over 1500 liver transplant and has a wide experience in performing advanced Hepato Pancreato Biliary operations.

center for liver disease and transplantation in Gurgaon

center for liver disease and transplantation in Gurgaon
center for liver disease and transplantation in Gurgaon

Dr. Ramdip Ray was also awarded Best National Research Paper Award at the Annual Conference of the Association of Surgeons of India (ASICON 2002) for presentation titled Outcome of Whipple’s pancreaticoduodenal resection for periampullary cancers

center for liver disease and transplantation in Gurgaon – He continues by saying that the extraordinary patient care and overwhelming hospitality in India has addressed concerns of many patients and has been able to help them to get rid of complex and most end stage of liver diseases.

center for liver disease and transplantation in Gurgaon

Liver Transplant is a complex surgical exercise and it needs highly skilled consultants along with ingenious technical staff and advanced technology working with perfect harmony, enormous amount of dedication and team work.

center for liver disease and transplantation in Gurgaon

center for liver disease and transplantation in Gurgaon – India is known for offering a one stop solution for all those seeking critical procedures such as Liver transplantation. If the liver transplant is performed, the patient is better and is able to tolerate the surgery and recovers much quicker.

The donors and recipients recover quickly as well, and the donors are discharged in about a week and the recipients in 2 to 3 weeks.

Artemis Hospital is the best center for liver disease and transplantation in Gurgaon.


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Best Liver Treatment Hospital in india

Best Liver Treatment Hospital In India

Artemis hospital is the best liver treatment hospital in india. Liver is that organ of the body that helps in fighting infections and helps in cleaning the blood. The liver is also meant to help digest the food and store energy for when one needs it. A healthy liver is known to have the ability to grow back, or regenerate, when it is damaged.

Best Liver Treatment Hospital in India

The doctors who are expert at best liver treatment hospital in India tell that the liver has two sections; the right and the left lobes. Under the liver there is the gallbladder along with parts of pancreas and intestines. The liver filters the blood coming from the digestive tract, before it passes to the rest of the body. Liver also has to detoxify chemicals and metabolize drugs. The liver does the job of secreting bile that ends up back in to the intestines. Apart from all this, the organ also has to make proteins which are important for clotting blood and other functions.

Conditions related to the liver

Any condition, related to the liver might be life-threatening and might need urgent medical care. Often, failure of the liver occurs gradually over the time. But, another condition known as acute liver failure can occur rapidly, it might as little as a time period of over 48 hours and would be difficult to detect initially. Other conditions that might threaten to damage the liver can be the following

  • Inflammation

An early stage in the stages of any liver disease, the liver may be inflamed. The liver would become enlarged. Inflammation shows that the body is trying to fight either an infection or is trying to heal an injury. If the inflammation continues to go over a time, it would start to hurt the liver permanently. When other parts of your body become inflamed, one can feel it – the specific area becomes hot and painful as well. But an inflamed liver would not cause any discomfort at all.

  • Fibrosis

Dr. Giriraj Bora an expert and experienced at liver transplant surgery at the best liver treatment hospital in India says the fibrosis happens if the liver that has been inflamed is left untreated. In Fibrosis the liver will start to scar. In fibrosis, an excess scar tissue starts to grow, and it replaces healthy liver tissue. Scar tissue itself is a kind of fibrous tissue. It cannot do the work that the healthy liver tissue can. Moreover, the scar tissue will keep the blood from flowing through your liver. The more the scar tissue keeps on building up, the liver would not work the way it once did. And, the healthy part of the liver would have to work harder to make up for the scarred part. If this liver disease is diagnosed and has been treated successfully at this stage, there are chances that the liver would heal itself over a period of time.

  • Cirrhosis

It is the scarring of the liver. In this the soft healthy tissue is replaced by the hard scar tissue. Dr. Ramdip Ray, Senior Consultant in Liver Transplant & HPB Surgery, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital , New Delhi. Dr. Ray has been trained at Royal College of Surgeons of England Wrexham Maelor Hospital , Wales, UK, University College of Medical Sciences ( UCMS ), Delhi explains that as cirrhosis keeps becoming worse, the liver will keep on losing the healthy tissue. And if it is not treated, the liver will ultimately fail. Cirrhosis leads to a lot of complications, including liver cancer. Sometimes, the symptoms of cirrhosis may be the first signs of liver disease. One would bleed or bruise easily, Water would build up in the legs or in the abdomen.

The skin and eyes would become yellow colored. And the skin would itch intensely. The blood vessels leading to the liver, the blood would ultimately back up because of blockage. These blood vessels may burst.

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Top 10 Liver Transplant Hospitals | Doctors | Surgeon| in India

Top 10 Liver Hospitals In India

Top 10 liver Transplant Hospitals In India-If a patient is suffering from the last stage of liver disease then liver transplant is the only choice for them.  Liver transplant is the replacement of damaged liver with the healthy liver. It requires the effective treatment and post-surgery care in order to get the long-term outcome.

see  here best liver Transplant surgeon in Gurgaon

Top 10 Liver Transplant Hospitals In India

Here is the List of Top Liver Transplant Hospitals in India.

  1. Artemis Hospital : Artemis hospital is the Top 10 Liver Transplant Hospital in India as well in Gurgaon. Artemis hospital is the first hospital in Gurgaon who  recognized by the Joint Commission International board and was established in 2007. The Artemis Hospital having highly advanced experienced doctors.
  2. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai : Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital is the the 2nd position in India for liver transplant. The 750 bed multi-speciality hospital became operational in the first week of 2009.
  3. Apollo Chennai, Chennai : This hospital in 3rd position in India. Apollo hospital is 3rd best hospital in India for the liver transplant. all doctors are experience more than 15 years.
  4. Sri Ramachandra Hospital, New Delhi : Sri Ramachandra Hospital is 4rth position in ndia for liver transplant. All the doctors are having massive unique key set of knowledge in his field.
  5. Apollo Bangalore, Bangalore : Apollo hospital Bangalore is in the 5th position in India. You can visit here to get details about the liver transplant.
  6. Fortis Bangalore, Bangalore: Fortis Hospital Bangalore is in the 6th position for liver transplant in India. In this hospital all the treatment and services are good. you can visit in this hospital or contact to get the detail.
  7. Apollo health city, Bangalore : Apollo hospital city , Bangalore is in the 7th position for liver transplant in India. n this hospital all the doctor are massive unique key set of knowledge.
  8. Aster MIMS, Calicut : Aster hospital is the 8th position in the India for the liver transplant. This hospital having the best surgeon.
  9. Continental Hospitals, Hyderabad : Continental Hospital is the 9th position in India for the liver transplant

you can also check best live transplant surgeon in India from here

Best Liver Specialist in India | Dr. Giriraj Bora & Dr. Ramdip Ray

  • Liver Specialist
  • 20 years of experience
  • Apollo Hospitals, Chennai

Dr Ramdeep Ray

  • Liver Specialist
  • 13 years of experience
  • KokilabenDhirubhaiAmbani Hospital, Mumbai

Dr Giriraj Bora

  • Liver Specialist
  • 12 years of experience
  • Yeshoda hospitals

you may also check liver transplant success rate in India

Best Liver Treatment Doctors In India | Dr Giriraj Bora

  1. Global Hospital

Location: Chennai

Established: 2009

Number of Beds: 1000

  1. MedantaMedicity

Location: MedantaMedicity

Established: 2009

Number of beds: 1250

  1. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

Location: SaritaVihar, New Delhi

Established: 1996

Number of Beds: 710

Best liver transplant surgeon in India

  1. Dr.Arvinder Singh Soin


-Chairmen liver transplant

-Liver Transplant Specialist

-25 years of practice

  1. Dr. Sanjay Govil

-MBBS, MS, General Surgery

-Senior consultant HPB & Liver Surgery

-Liver Transplant Specialist

-29 years of practice

  1. Dr. GV Rao


-Director $ Chief of Gastrointestinal and minimally invasive Surgery Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Hyderabad.

-Liver Transplant Specialist

-21 years of practice

for success liver transplant in India you can check here best liver transplant surgeon in India. Dr. Ramdip Ray & Dr. Giriraj Bora both are the best liver transplant surgeon in India.

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Liver Transplant Cost in india | Procedures | Treatment Process

Liver Transplant Cost and Its Process

Liver Transplant cost-It is an operation in which the patient’s diseased liver with the healthy liver from the other person. In this article, we cover the cost of the liver transplant, procedures and its process in Details,

The cost of the surgery of the liver transplant, the procedure of the liver transplant and the recovery of Liver transplant in Detail it.

Why You  Needs the Liver transplant?

There are two reasons for the failures of the liver transplant first are the acute liver failure and chronic liver failure. In these situations,

the transplantation is the only option for the patient. There are many people who are waiting for the liver transplant which is higher than the people who want to donate.

Liver Transplant cost in India

Liver Transplant cost
Liver Transplant cost

Cost of liver transplant in India is one of the difficult procedures. The following points you should consider before choosing the team.

• What is the package of the hospital? It consists of the analysis of the donor and workout is consistent or not.

• 21 days + 3 days

Liver Transplant cost in India | Doctor packages For Liver Transplant

. Cost of liver transplant in india is 2 lakhs rupees

• What don’t they cover in the package? Hospitals may exclude the ICU stay, Blood cost and High and antibiotics.

• The liver transplant surgery cost in India depends on the how experienced and technically advance the team is.

What is the procedure of the liver transplant?

Liver Transplant Procedure undertakes in three parts.

1. Before the procedure,

2.Between the procedure

3.After the procedure.

1. Before the procedure

Doctors use the results of the liver test to know prognosis and when your liver plant will take place. It depends upon the MELD score.

The higher your score the faster need to get the liver transplant. So doctors take care of it.

It is not sure when you will get the donor. Some people wait days, some people wait for months and some never get it.

The treatment is decided by the doctors such living liver donors and Domino liver transplant. During the process, doctors make sure that you stay healthy.

2. During the procedure

Once the donor is available for you then you will ask to come to the hospital. The team will check that you’re healthy for the operation or not.

The whole procedure is done using the anesthesia so you will be so unaware of the situation.

To get the access to your liver the surgeon makes an incision across your stomach. It totally depends upon the surgeon that how long incision will be.

Liver transplant procedures in detail

After the incision, the surgeon disconnects the liver’s blood and removes the liver. The new liver will place in your body. It takes around 12 hours.

Once the surgery is over the surgeon uses stitches to close the incision. Your care will start immediately after the surgery.

The other transplant is living donor liver transplant in which the surgeon will transplant the portion of the donor’s liver. In this scenario,

the doctor first removes the portion of the liver of the donor and then removes the liver from your body. Then, the surgeon places the portion of the liver in your body.

The portion in the donor’s body will react in the normal volume in just some months

3. After the Liver transplant procedure

Here are the following things that you can expect after the procedure.

• You will stay in care for few days
• 7 to 10 days in the hospital
• Continues checkup.
• The medication for the rest of your life.

The Recovery Process will start which is as follow.

How Much time taken to recover from liver transplant?

After the operation, the patient stays under care for 2 to 3 days. After the period, the patients need to come for the checkup at regular intervals.

The three month period can be difficult because the patient doesn’t feel well during the period. After some period they start getting back to the normal period.

If you want to more about liver Transplant you can also visit Wikipedia by Following Liver transplant 

pages This page,

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The Success Rate of Liver Transplant in India

The success rate of liver transplant

On the internet, the success rate of the liver transplant is around 95% to 98%. The truth is the success rate of a liver transplant is different from patient to patient. The majority of success is depending upon the stages of the liver disease:

  1. Workout/ pre-transplant evaluation
  2. Risk factor considered while liver transplant.
  3. The care of the patient after the liver transplant
  4. Dedication of the surgeons.

There is the difference between the immediate success rate and long-term success rate. The long-term success rate is very high. If the patient was alcoholic then they need more care during the procedure.

If the center is well equipped and advanced then the success rate is more than 95%. Liver transplant procedure is one of the complex procedure that requires equipment and more than care of 20 doctors and takes more than 12 to 14 hours to perform.

There are main two aspects of the liver transplant surgery.

  1. There is no explanation of end point of chronical disease.
  2. If the patients go into the coma then it is too late for the liver transplant.

The difference between the liver transplant in India and other countries

  • The success rate in India is higher than the success rate in the USA.
  • The procedure is the same but there is the huge difference between the cost
  • India, UK, and the USA, all the nations provide same facilities for the procedure of the liver transplant.

Liver transplant cost in India

Country Cost of Liver Transplant (INR)Cost of liver transplant ($)
India12 lakh to 20 lakhs19k to 31k
USA1.5 crore to 3 crore232k to 462k
Singapore25 lakh to 32 lakh38.7k to 49.6k
Germany90 lakh to 1.5 crore139k to 232k

The cost of the liver transplant surgery and related to everything is around 50000$ to 70000$. It includes everything before the surgery and after the surgery stay in the hospitals.

The charges are different from hospital to hospital and it consists the pre-operative care and post-operative care in the hospital.

Why the Indian surgeons perform well in the liver transplant?

India has one of the best liver transplant surgeons in the world and there are many stories that how they save patients life. Recently,

one Indian surgeon went Pakistan to perform the 4 surgeries.  India has the best experienced medical specialist. The doctors on India perform complex surgeries.

With the great skill and experience of handling the difficult cases, our Indian surgeons today have an easy advantage that sorts all the disease and even the liver failure too.

India attracts numbers of foreign patients for the liver transplant because we have the best expertise and effective cost of treatment.

What are the Symptoms Of liver transplant patient?

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About Dr.Giriraj Bora

About Dr.Giriraj Bora

Dr.Gururaj Bora is one of the biggest name liver transplants. He is the joint director of Liver Transplant and senior consultant of GI surgery at Artemis Hospitals.

He is one of the leading doctors in the liver transplant field.  He currently serves in his interest which lies in liver resections and liver translation for liver and kidney transplantation, hepatocellular cancers and pans creating surgery.

His specialization in the liver field helps several patients and helps them to get rid of the suffering of the liver.

He also published several papers in India and He believes in the awareness in the health. He always suggests following the healthy lifestyle.

Education of the Dr.Giriraj Bora

  • He took his MBBS degree from the University of the Rajasthan
  • He completed his MS degree from the University of the Rajasthan in 2003
  • He completed his MCh from GB Pant hospital, Delhi in 2009
  • His fellowship in the Liver transplant from Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi in 2011

Achievement of Giriraj bora

  • Young investor award of the international Liver transplant society in 2013.
  • Travel award of the international Liver Transplant society in 2012 at San Francisco, USA.
  • Felicitated by The Chief Minister of the Rajasthan for performing the 1st liver transplant in the state.

Specialist Profession About The Dr.Giriraj Bora,

  • Liver transplant for liver cancer
  • ABO Incompatible liver transplant
  • Safe donor surgery in liver transplant
  • Ultra lOw Anterior for rectal cancers
  • Shunt surgery

Dr.Giriraj bora Hospital details

Director, liver transplantation and HPB GI surgery Artemis Hospitals

Experience and Past working history

  • He involved in the more than 1500 surgeries
  • Liver transplant and GI surgery- Artemis hospitals, Gurgaon, currently present
  • He performed the first liver transplant in the Rajasthan
  • Liver Transplant and HPB surgery, Thecenter for the biliary surgery, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, currently working
  • credited with both the 1st Living Donor &1st Deceased Donor Liver Transplants in the state
  • GI surgery, senior resident – Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow
  • GI surgery, consultant – Jaipur

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Cirrhosis of The Liver Transplantation

Cirrhosis of the liver transplantation

Liver Transplant

When your liver doesn’t work then you need a liver transplant to save your life. It’s also called the hepatic transplantation. In the surgery, the surgeon removes the whole liver and then replaced with the healthy donor.  Healthy liver gives you a long life to live. Liver transplant is important when you have an unhealthy liver.

What is cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis of the liver builds when the healthy liver tissue is damaged and replaced with the fibrosis. It happens because the pressure in the liver’s portal vein, it is the vein that supplies the blood from its normal function.

When damage tissue replaces the healthy tissue then your liver can’t able to perform the normal functions.  It is caused by the early stage of the liver disease and it is unable to perform the functions.

There are several reasons to failure liver such as alcohol, high amount of fat and so on.  The primaries Cirrhosis happen when bile ducts become blocked.

What causes Cirrhosis?

When the disease attacks the liver and it killed then scar tissue builds. It is also called the fibrosis. When the whole liver is scarred it is called the Cirrhosis. Any kind of disease that affects the liver for a longer period of time it becomes the Cirrhosis.  Some of the common reasons to happen Cirrhosis are viruses, a heavy amount of alcohol, the huge amount of fat, toxic attacks from the drugs and inherited the disease

It has many reasons for cirrhosis such as heavy consumption of alcohol, chronic hepatitis c and so on. Many people have more than one reason to have cirrhosis.

How does Cirrhosis affect the body?

It is hard to notice the symptoms of the Cirrhosis which aren’t noticeable. You may start experiencing the following things.

  • Loss of brain function
  • Swelling of legs
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Weight Loss
  • Abnormal Pain
  • Spider-like blood vessel
  • Failure of the kidney
  • Severe Itching
  • Loss of muscle mass.

How is Cirrhosis treated?

There is no cure for the Cirrhosis but there are some medicines available to treat some underlying causes such as hepatitis C, and helps to prevent the extra damage.

If you are suffering from the cirrhosis and want to maintain the healthy lifestyle then you can do following things.

  • You need to eat the balanced diet
  • You need to totally avoid the use of alcohol
  • You need to stay connected with your doctors

There are also things that you need to take care of such as bleeding, yellow color to the skin, fever, confusion and abnormal swelling.

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