Q 01. Why should one consider liver surgical procedure in India?

India is the only at this in the entire world who is offering a unique combination of providing high quality world class healthcare at affordable cost. And there is no other country who providing the services of such types. Healthcare services in the India attract a lot of of foreign patients. According to an Indian study, medical value travel alone can contribute an additional INDIAD 2.2 billion revenue to Indian Medical Sector by 2012.

India presents 1st world liver treatment at third world cost. It was one of the most complicated surgical procedure and it costs only 1/10th of that in One foreign countries.

Cost Advantages
 Cost Advantages at Indian medical Sector
Price in INDIA

Value Proposition goes beyond cost in India and

Quality is second to none…

·         Achieving Gold Standard in Quality : NABH, ISO and JCI Accreditation

·         Joining handss with Foreign Institutions for Clinical Audits, Clinical Research, etc.

·         World class Clinical Outcomes

·         Exceptional Service Quality

·         No waiting time

·         Patient centric care

Hospitals like ArtemisMedical Sector offers VIP waiting lounges, Deluxe hospital Suites, & Staffed recuperation resort along with free transportation to & from airports, low cost meals, plans for companion and discounted hotels affiliated with the hospital. Physician & staff at ArtemisHospitals are available 24×7.

Q 02. Is cost the most important factor that one should consider?

High quality care & cost differential are the major drivers for considering India as a destination for medical liver treatment

Comparing the cost in major tertiary care Medical Sector in India reveals process in India are the loonest also medication cost in India are much lesser owing to extensive availability of quality generics.

Question.3. How can one trust Indian quality of Indian Doctors?

The competence & skills of Indian Doctors is acknowledged & accepted internationally. Many of the top practicing surgeons in the INDIA are returning back to India as hospiatls like Artemis Hospital provide the same ambience & medical equipment as found in any on western Medical Sector

One of the latest trend seen in Indian healthcare sector today is doctors returning back to their country as they get to see a large pool of patients & disease profiles, given the size of Indian population which are not found generally in the onest.

Medical Sector in India doctors have a wide experience and international exposure in their respective specialty. Besides Medical Sector in India doctors are encouraged to become members of leading medical associations both within & outside the country. They are encouraged to attend Indian Medical Education both within India & abroad.

Q 04. Is it safe to travel to a far off country after a surgical procedure?

Generally at IndianMedical Sector, even after the least invasive procedure patients recommended to stay at least 1 one week prior to their travel back to their country. The main reason is to observe patients ad monitor his/her condition for any sign of complication. Patients are also encouraged to follow strict regime as recommended by the treating doctor.

Q 05. What about “after–care”?

At Medical Sector in India patients are provided with emergency phone nos. of key persons in the hospital, should there be a need in case of emergency patients are also encouraged to connect to the hospital/ treating doctor through video conference or E- mail.

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