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When a patient does not have a family member, loved one or other…

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The concept of LDLT is based on the remarkable regenerative capability of the human liver. The widespread…

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Operation on Liver, Pancreas, Bile Duct, Stomach, Oesophagus, Colon, Rectum and Small Intestine.

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A French Chest specialist by the of Rene Laennec is most famously known for having invented the stethoscope.

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General Questions

Only a part of the liver is removed for donation from a living donor. The remaining liver grows rapidly within 6 to 8 weeks. The feasibility of living donation was first demonstrated in 1989 and since then more and more Living Related Liver Transplants ( LRLTs ) are being performed the world over. Donors experience very few complications.

A potential donor is a relative who is healthy and fit with no major health concerns, between 18 and 50yrs in age, and free from:

  • HIV infection
  • Chronic viral hepatitis ( Hepatitis B or C 0
  • Active alcoholism or heavy alcohol use
  • Psychiatric illness under treatment
  • History of malignancy
  • Any other serious acute or chronic medical illness

Once it is determined that the ABO blood type is compatible, the candidate will have additional tests which include a complete blood count, liver and kidney function tests , and blood tests for hepatitis B and C and HIV.

If the laboratory results confirm that the candidate is suitable as a donor, a chest x-ray and electrocardiogram (ECG) are done to make sure that he or she can safely receive anesthesia.

If the blood work, ECG, and x-ray are within normal limits, a volumetric CT scan calculates the volume of the liver to determine whether the portion being donated will fit the recipient. The psychiatrist then does a comprehensive psychological evaluation to make sure that the candidate understands the risks of the procedure, is donating from his or her own free will, and has adequate support to be cared for after surgery.

An Echocardiography, a Lung Function Test, Thyroid function tests and an MRI of the Biliary tree complete the donor work up.

The donor usually spends 7 – 10 days in the hospital. Most patients are up and out of bed by the second or third postoperative day. The donor usually needs to stay off work for a month, depending of course on the rapidity of recovery.

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The main focus of department and we provide world-class treatment for patients affected by liver cirrhosis.

Excellent infrastructure and expertise at our institute helps to evaluate the stage of disease better

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