Case summary of Master Adnan Shafi – Primary hyperoxaluria

Case summary of Master Adnan Shafi – Primary hyperoxaluria

Case summary of Master Adnan Shafi – Primary hyperoxaluria

"This is a story of 13 years old, Adnan shafi, a resident of Kashmir, India who at the age of 12 years was diagnosed with a rare genetic problem known as Type 1 – PRIMARY HYPEROXALURIA" .


This disease is due to absence of an enzyme production by the liver which leads to excess deposition of oxalate crystals in various parts of the body. Unfortunately, his kidney got damaged due to oxalate crystals and required permanent dialysis.


Due to the need for the frequent dialysis he was unable to perform daily activities like any other boy or girl of his age. This problem could only be solved by doing a combined kidney and liver transplant where a new liver will produce this enzyme and a new kidney will help him to get rid of frequent dialysis. His mother and father came forward and decided that his mother Mrs. Ulfat Maqbool will donate kidney and father Mr. Mohammad Shafi Mir will donate liver to master Adnan.

Surgery Planning

Unfortunately, the blood group of his mother was not matching with Adnan. Doctors therefore decided to perform an ABO incompatible kidney and an ABO compatible liver transplant. In order to perform a mismatch kidney transplant, special medication Rituximab and Immunoglobulin were administered prior to transplant to keep antibody titres at desired levels. He underwent surgery on 25.08.2022 and was shifted to ICU for postoperative care. Postoperative course was smooth and shifted in ward on day 7.


He got finally discharged from Artemis hospital on 08.09.2022. His liver transplant was done by Dr. Giriraj Bora, Dr. Shyam Mahansaria and Dr Suneed whereas his kidney transplant was done by Dr Manju and Dr. Varun Mittal.

Adnan is now going back to Kashmir in normal condition. Teams of liver and kidney transplant at Artemis hospital, Gurgaon wishes him a good future and hope, now he can play like a normal child of his age. His family was thankful and grateful to doctors of Artemis hospital for all the care throughout his hospital stay.

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