Case summary of Mr.Dinkar Saraswat– NASH related liver cirrhosis

Case summary of Mr.Dinkar Saraswat

"Mr. Dinkar saraswat Age.46yrs/male resident of JAIPUR was diagnosed to have fatty liver related cirrhosis 2 yrs back which was later complicated by jaundice, water in abdomen and episodes of Unconsciousness (Hepatic encephalopathy)." ."


His general condition started deteriorating day by day and he required multiple hospital admissions for infections, respiratory problems and worsening kidney functions requiring dialysis at times. He was put on life supportive ventilator in one of the hospital at Jaipur and advised for liver transplantation as a life saving measure.


His wife decided for donate a portion of liver to save Mr Dinkar’s life. However she was declared unfit for donation in view of complex vascular structures in her liver. They were told to consult Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon by some of the previous liver transplant recipient (who underwent liver transplant at Artemis Hospital) from the jaipur and decided to seek a second opinion. To their surprise, his wife Mrs. Deepti, who was considered to be unsuitable donor at Jaipur, was cleared to donate a part of liver to her Husband.

Surgery Planning

After complete evaluation, and discussion of complete case in the panel of doctor’s meeting, Mr. Dinkar underwent successful liver transplantation on 2nd November 2022 at Artemis hospital, Gurgaon. (Dr. Giriraj Bora, Dr.Shyam s Mahansaria and Dr. Suneed).


Now, Mr.Dinkar saraswat is into his normal routine of life and his family is very Thankful to Liver transplant team of Artemis hospital.

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