Liver Cirrhosis- Not a death sentence!

Ravinder Hooda, a middle-aged man from Gurgaon, was living a pleasant life until reality struck him.

He got diagnosed with liver cirrhosis!

  • Anxiety, apprehending the outcome, took away his nights of sleep.
  • Living a diseased life reminds you of your failures in life and, worse.. makes you anticipate only negative premonitions.
  • Nothing different was happening to Mr. Hooda as well; life was at the lowest point for him now.
  • Tired and debilitated, he held on to the ‘ only twig in water.’ Visiting doctors after the doctor was all he did.
  • His days started with appointments and ended in tried failures.

After six months of the heavy burden and futile attempts, he met Dr. Giriraj Bora, joint chief- Liver Transplant and Sr. Consultant- GI and HPB surgery at Artemis Hospital.

  • No doctor could give him a full guarantee of successful operation or survival rate.
  • However, the doctors of Artemis Hospital laid the heroic act of managing a cadaveric donor amid Corona.

Dr. Bora said, “ An organ retrieval was done from Kolkata where a doctor had bravely decided to donate his organ after death. At Artemis Hospital, we made efforts to go to the city and airlift the organ, which was brought to us through the green corridor. All this was done when covid was at the peak.”

cadaveric donor amid Corona

A clip of the doctors and Mr. Honda vocalizing their experience. Click on the link below to know the survival instinct of the man.

Indeed, the doctors at Artemis Hospital yet again proved that doctors are the saviors of our life!

  • Not just Artemis, but the large-hearted doctor who decided to donate his organ.
  • Not one, but the lives of four patients were saved because of him.

Today Mr. Ravinder Hooda is doing well for himself and is obliged to the entire eminent team of doctors at Artemis.

liver transplant

The overnight complicated liver transplant, the efforts of the doctors to revive Mr. Hooda, all of the struggles was compensated when the surgery was a success, and Artemis Hospital held the pride of saving yet another patient.

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