The Back To Back Successful Liver Transplant Surgery

As simple as the title suggests, liver transplant surgery is not an easy and feasible treatment that is conducted. It requires great expertise and training in the field and the help and support of good medical staff. With its complexes and intricate details, liver transplant surgery is one of the most challenging surgeries in the medical field. This is one such story that gives us an idea that even the most trivial surgeries can have a successful outcome when done under the skilled and expert hand. The surgery carried out was a second successful surgery of the hospital.

liver transplant surgery

Om Prakash, a 55-year-old man, was residing in Khatipura. Due to unavoidable circumstances on December 5th, he was declared brain dead after suffering from a brain hemorrhage.

His family showcased the highest level of humanity by donating the organs of Om Prakash to help survive other candidates who were fighting for their life.

Om Prakash’s liver was transplanted to Suresh, who had been in the midst of severe liver damage for a long time.

Doctor Giriraj Bora, along with his talented medical staff, conducted the surgery, which took about 11 hours to complete.

Om Prakash’s family was benevolent enough to not only give away his liver to save the life of Suresh, but they also went ahead in donating his kidney as well as his heart. Such exemplary attitudes projected by people give us the zen to see life in a better light. We understand that there are still many people who undergo the worst circumstances, and yet they are there to help others and give them a fulfilling life.

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