Saving lives knows no boundaries! – Shunt Surgery in India

Amnan Ali, a citizen of Pakistan, Kusur, Punjab district, had been suffering from hematemesis(blood vomit) ever since he was six years old. He was dealing with this problem for a long time.

For a permanent solution, after a lot of consultation, he finally underwent endoscopy treatment in Pakistan. But sadly for him, it was little to no help as the bleeding didn’t stop.

No outcome was received after this endoscopic procedure. Therefore, the doctors suggested he go for a shunt surgery to help him get rid of hematemesis( coughing of blood).

In this surgery, a hollow surgical tube is placed in the brain. The tube helps in redirecting the fluids to the part of the body where they can be absorbed. To gain more knowledge about this treatment, Amnan went to various hospitals in Pakistan. But he was informed that such a treatment was not available in his residing area.

The doctors in Pakistan suggested he visit India, where this treatment was possible. But due to political and border unrest between the two countries, the Visa for India could be acquired that easily.

The doctors wrote a letter and explained how the situation was critical, and the treatment was only available in India.

To his luck, Amnan was finally given a Visa to India for his medical treatment. On arriving in India, Amnan visited Artemis Hospital Gurgaon. He met Dr. Ramdip Roy and Dr. Giriraj Bora, who examined him and understood his problem in detail. Later, the doctors concluded to perform the surgery on him as the only means of helping him survive.

The procedure was conducted under the supervision of expert doctors of the Artemis Hospital, and by the grace of God, it was a successful one.

The patient was happy with the treatment he received and reported that he had not faced the problem ever since.

This is an excellent example of how doctors are treating patients irrespective of their nationality. It only goes down to prove that the sole objective is to treat a patient and attain their well-being.

Here is a YouTube link where the patient is talking about his own treatment experience in India.

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