A Liver transplant that changed a couple’s life for the better – Successful Case Study

A Liver transplant that changed a couple’s life for the better

When a person suffers from any medical hardship, it’s not just him but his entire family that suffers. True, the person goes through a lot of physical pain, but then a family suffers emotionally.

One such story is that of Mr. Rohit Goyal. Rohit, a 29-year-old man from Jaipur, is married and has two lovely sons. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with a history of severe jaundice. His serum bilirubin had reached up to 45mg%. It was a case of chronic liver disease.

The situation worsened gradually, and Rohit had to leave his job as he was ultimately bedridden, unable to walk and perform his daily activities.

Rohit visited many hospitals for consultation, and it was thereby disclosed that he needed to go for a liver transplant. Rohit was informed about the astounding treatments at Artemis Hospital, and he visited the hospital with his wife for a consultation and checkup.

They met Dr. Giriraj Bora, a renowned ORGAN TRANSPLANT SURGEON IN INDIA  there, who helped them and cleared their queries. Later, Dr. Giriraj Bora encouraged Rohit’s wife to be the donor assuring the couple that the surgery will end up being a success.

The couple trusted the hospital management and went for the transplant. It’s been more than nine months, and both Rohit and his wife are living happily with their two kids.

It is commendable how a woman is not only a significant part of her spouse but also plays a major role in giving a new life to her husband.

Medical science has therefore reached a stage where the organ of one person is saving the life of another. We wish Rohit and his entire family a healthy and happy life.

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