Liver Transplant gives back hope to live in an older adult

The human body never stays the same. It is bound to change with aging. If taken care of at the right time, your body will serve you better when you grow older.

But, it doesn’t mean your body is free from any medical needs. Aging is typical, and a person might face specific problems when they start growing old.

liver transplant surgery

A similar case is that of Mr.Yashwant Singh. He was diagnosed with Liver cancer in the later stage of his life. Being an older man, his body started deteriorating rapidly. His son, Yuvraj Singh, is an ICU nurse working in Yatharth Hospital in greater Noida.

When he got to know about his father’s situation, he was devastated. Being from a medical profession and having witnessed so many operations himself, he was still left in a panic-stricken state. Yuvraj visited many hospitals in order to get all the information he could gather regarding his father’s health.

He even visited AIIMS Delhi, which is amongst the most prestigious hospitals in the country. At last, he was informed about Artemis Hospital by his relative.

liver transplant surgery

Yuvraj visited the hospital along with his brother-in-law. They took an appointment to meet Dr. Griraj Bora, who assured them and explained how they plan to proceed with the treatment.

Dr. Bora informed them that a liver transplant was the only option left at that stage.

Yuvraj still claims that Dr. Giriraj was not just an experienced doctor but a great advisor and tried helping him in every possible way.

The operation date was fixed, and one of the family relatives agreed to become the donor. It has been more than three months since the successful surgery, and the patient has reported no issues.

Since Mr. Singh’s recovery was remarkable and he carried on his regular duties with much ease, everyone around him was in disbelief when they came to know he underwent such a trivial surgery.

Yuvraj was also delighted to have chosen Artemis Hospital for his father’s treatment. The hospital is not only trusted by patients but people from the medical profession as well.

Dr. Giriraj’s operation gave a new life to Mr. Singh and a reason for happiness to his family.

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