The Gift Of Life By A Dying Woman

This story encircles around a woman aged 40 years whose good deed saved the life of four other people. After she was declared brain dead, her organs like the heart, kidney, and liver were transplanted to save lives. Since the heart has time boundation, a green corridor was created to transport the organ from the hospital to the airport in mere 6-7 minutes. The Mahatma Gandhi hospital received the heart, kidney, liver, and cornea.
liver transplant surgery in india

The 40-year-old donor Indra Deviwas a resident of Niwai in Tonk district. She was traveling in a car when she met with a road accident along with her husband, who suffered from a cervical fracture. On the other hand, Indra Devi had serious injuries. Later, when she was brought to the hospital, she was declared brain dead by the doctors, and there was no hope that could be called for. Her relatives were heartbroken, but they knew that there was no other way to revive her. They made a brave and large hearted decision of donating her organs to the needy and sick so that they could have a new life.

The surgeries were conducted back to back where both her kidneys, liver, heart were transplanted to other patients so that they could be given a new life while Indra Devi rested in peace.

Such stories of bravery and benevolence are respected and acknowledged at all times. Indra Devi, even at her most crucial and end period, gave life to four other people who now live a fulfilling life

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