The Gift Of Life By A Dying Man

No one in the waking reality could expect that a person who is dying or is dead can save the lives of others. This story is a reminder to all people that you are capable of helping others even in your worst situations. All it takes is a strong will and a kind heart to reach out to others even at challenging times. The story is about a young man whose family can be given all the credit to save the life of not one but many individuals.

Sometime back, it so happened that

Sunil, a boy from Chomu, Gujarat, and his father met with an accident while returning home from the Sindhi camp area in Jaipur. They were on their bike, and luckily, the father had no severe injuries. Sunil faced significant injuries and was taken immediately to Kanwatia Hospital. Doctors referred him to SMS hospital, where he was declared to be brain dead.

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The family had a rush of horror going through them when they realized the situation. They loved their son and could not perceive the thought of him being so close to death. Sunil belonged to a small district Chomu in Jaipur. His parents were not much aware of the medical conditions and treatments that were feasible for him. However, it turned out that Sunil’s family was a change in a self-obsessed society. They were called in for a counseling session where they were suggested to donate Sunil’s organ for the betterment of other patients who were fighting death.

His family decided to donate his organs- two kidneys, liver, and cornea. After getting the family’s approval, the doctors operated and extracted the organs from the donor’s body. The organs were transferred to Mahatma Gandhi hospital through the green corridor. Throughout the journey Sunil’s parents were decisive and wanted to save the lives of as many patients as they could. This may be a parting gift in terms of blessing for Sunil.

Although he was a single child of his parents, they did not second guess their decision and remained determined to help other people. Such courage and warm-heartedness are appreciated and massively in need of in today’s world.

The donor was able to give a new life to three people. His liver was transplanted to a 59-year-old woman who was suffering from liver failure. At the same time, his kidneys saved the lives of a 30-year-old woman and a 50-year-old man who were suffering from kidney failure.

The donor’s family was ready to donate all organs, but cardiac surgeons refused to harvest the heart because the condition of his lungs didn’t allow for it. Even on the brink of death, the donor gave new life to people. Such tragedies are not something people love to read or hear about. But what follows offer people hope and inspiration to help them move on after one departs.

We hope and pray that Sunil gets a happy afterlife and the people he saved from the traumatic situations carry on with their life with a feeling of gratefulness and a zeal to help others as they have been helped.

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