A man who saved lives from his deathbed!

This is a story of how a man was able to save the life of three people on a deathbed.

A 55-year-old was admitted to Mahatma Gandhi Hospital. The patient was a citizen of Jaipur. When he was brought to the hospital, it was found that he was suffering from a brain hemorrhage. After a proper medical examination, it was found out that there was no hope for the patient. He was declared brain dead!

liver transplant surgery

Later, his family was given counseling, requesting them to donate the patient’s organ to provide a new life for people in need. After considering many things, the relatives finally agreed, and after their consent, three cardiovascular organs (a liver and two kidneys) were transplanted to three patients.

A specialized team under the guidance of Dr. Giriraj Bora retrieved the organ from the donor’s body.

The liver was transplanted to a 23-year-old boy whose kidney was wholly disease-prone and damaged.

One of the kidneys was donated to a 41-year-old woman who was suffering from chronic kidney disease and was on dialysis for a year.

A human body is a gift, and even after death, this gift can be enjoyed by passing on healthy organs and giving a new life to people who need such organs. Here was a man who died but saved the lives of three individuals. We appreciate the family coming forward for donating the organ, and we even thank the doctors and medical staff for their hard work and commitment to save lives.

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